Journey around the world.

Experience the beauty in detail. 

Sense the simplicity of old made new.

The work of Michael Holt will take you there.

Freelance photographer, Colorado

Specializing in antique cars and landscape photography in the US and abroad, Michael Holt has a passion to capture the unique and vintage.  

Michael Holt Collections

Michael Holt Photography

I am always on the hunt for a diamond in the rough, a classic or vintage car with rust is a great find.

To see the technical abilities of the past to build such amazing structures is a true wonder.

Michael Holt Photography
Michael Holt Photography

Capturing the work horses of farm life... remembering my early years.

Always changing, so much more than anyone can fully appreciate.

Michael Holt Photography

Capturing the mystery of water and light in Australia and Tasmania

Some views of Australian icons.