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Freelance photographer, Colorado

Sometimes… Sometimes you do things in your life that you look back at and wonder “How or Why did I do That?”  


Like flying around the world on your own from Fiji to England at the age of 7,  Or living in The Solomon Islands and taking photographs of incredible sunsets and putting the negatives away because no-one wanted to see them,

Or stepping on the first rung of the merchant ship gangway at 17 and travelling the world and wanting the ship to stop so you can take in the beauty very few would ever come to see.

Sometimes life makes you see what your true ability and passion is by sending you on a journey you never would have chosen.  I have been on my journey through life and now I realize that another “sometimes” has been reached.

I embrace this direction and hope that I do the photographs I take justice.

I am stopping and smelling the roses.

This is my “Sometimes”.

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